Why should I join westwoodwinds?

WestwoodWinds rehearsal in WHS Band Room - scroll down for your invitation .

Do you miss playing your instrument?

Did you participate in your high school or college band? Do you think of playing your instrument again? WestwoodWinds is filled with people just like you.  We would LOVE  to have you join!

Not sure about your skills?

Westwoodwinds performs music at the level of  an average high school band, If you are just entering high school or graduated from high school, you should be able to perform this music with confidence.

What is the rehearsal schedule?

Rehearsals typically start in mid-June and end in the end of July. Concerts are during the first week of August and on Westwood Day (September) . A link to this year's schedule can be found on the Member's Page

What kind of music does WestwoodWinds play?

WestwoodWinds performs light classics, Jazz, Broadway/TV medleys, patriotic and popular styles. To see a list of pieces we've played over the years go to the Music We Play page.

Not sure you will fit in?

The ages of our members range from mid teens through retirement, including current WHS students,  college students, recent college graduates just entering their respective professions, working adults and retirees. All of us share musical enthusiasm, collaboration, and camaraderie. While our focus is on performing music, we do it by developing COMMUNITY within our organization and between our audiences.

WestwoodWinds performs its 2018 public concert in the WHS Auditorium

How do I join?

Student or Adult?

Student musicians currently in grade 8 or are current members of their high school band Band  or wind ensemble are eligible to join WestwoodWinds - no audition required. 

College students or Adults with musical skills capable of performing high school level band music are always welcomed and eligible to join WestwoodWinds - no audition required.

Sign up now

There are several ways to join:

  • Click HERE to fill out a WestwoodWinds Reply Form. (it will automatically be submitted when completed)
  • Attend the Open Rehearsal June 10 at 6:30 PM and give it a try - no commitment -  then decide.
  • View one of the concert videos to help you decide. (go to Galleries page on this site)
  • Contact Jim Giurleo at westwoodwinds1@verizon.net